An update from the Domestic CEO….otherwise known as me!

Hey guys,
I know its been a while since I’ve updated the blog, but there have been a couple of valid reasons.
The first reason and the major one is that my husband has suffered a very serious back injury. So I have had to pick up the workload for both he and I around the house which hadn’t led to any time for me to do much on my own…..and its gotten worse. He was just told that he needs surgery to remove one of the two slipped discs that he has. So my workload is about to rise again with him getting this surgery done (AN: Surgery date is not set yet, still waiting.)

The second reason involves the month of November. NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is simple, 50,000 words in 30 days. This is my 5th year and I have achieved my goal twice and failed twice. I’m hoping for another win this year, but you never know right? But for this month, I will be spending more time writing my novel and helping my family. I will be firing on all cylinders come December first.

See you all then! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi guys!
Just wanted to wish my Canadian friends, family and my readers an amazing Thanksgiving (or Turkey Day #1 as my husband would call it).
For all of you on the other side of the border, I hope you have a good Veteran’s Day.
This year as always, I am extremely grateful for my family, friends, my health and my small business success.

Take a moment and just remind yourself what you are grateful for.

Till the next time guys!

Fab Five Friday…(Part 2)

Hey Everyone,

As most of you know, last Friday I had Part 1 of my personal list of the top 10 Doctor Who episodes ever. This week is Part 2 of that list, so without further ado….Allons-y!!


5. Castrovalva (Doctor: Peter Davidson)

I ended last friday’s list with Logopolis, which was the regeneration episode that saw Doctor #4 Tom Baker turn into Doctor #5 Peter Davidson. Castrovalva is the first episode in Davidson’s reign as the Doctor. This episode was enjoyable simply because of the interactions between the Doctor and his two female companions Nyssa and Tegan. Aside from the fact that Davidson was the youngest actor to take up the role of the Time Lord (AN: A feat that he had held until the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith who was 26 when he landed the role.), his take on the Doctor was very reigned in, almost to the point of being calculating. When the Master reveals himself as the one who lured the TARDIS there, the interaction between the two time lords became almost a battle of wits instead of a physical interaction. This type of banter and dialogue is truly what drew me to this amazing show and I haven’t been disappointed since.


4. The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon (Doctor: Matt Smith)

The two-part series six premiere was a doozy. Not only did we watch the Doctor die (and I mean die completely), we find out that his fiery companion Amelia Pond was pregnant and who remembers that SLAP from River Song? The start to this series was a considerable amount darker then most of the episodes in the previous season, and was just a taste of things to come. We were also introduced to the newest alien enemy to torment the Doctor and his companions and in my personal opinion, they definitely give the Weeping Angels a massive run for their money. I mean how in the world are you supposed to fight an enemy that you can’t remember seconds after you look away from it? Be careful….or Silence will fall.


3. The Forest of the Dead (Doctor: David Tennant)

River Song had once said “There is a time where I will meet the Doctor, and he won’t have the slightest clue as to who I am. And I think that might just kill me.” How true those words turned out to be.

This episode is the second half of a two-part story (Silence in the Library) where Tennant’s Doctor meets River Song, who is a professor at this point. The pair get off to a rocky start, as Professor Song knows this Doctor and he has absolutely no clue who she is, or who she is to him. She notes that she also has a screwdriver like him and to get him to trust her…..she whispered his true name in his ear. The acting in this episode from both David Tennant and Alex Kingston was absolutely mesmerizing. The banter between the two as well as the ending scene where they say goodbye definitely was heart-wrenching to watch. My favorite episode from Tennant’s final series as the Doctor.


2. Asylum of the Daleks (Doctor: Matt Smith)

Series 7 (and the beginning of the end for Amy Pond and Rory Williams) begins with a lot of turmoil, kidnappings, a visit to the Dalek Homeworld of Skaro as well as the beginning to a mystery. The Doctor and the Ponds are captured by the Daleks and brought to the Dalek Asylum where the Doctor is asked to do something for his longtime enemy – save them. After being dropped down to the Asylum Planet below, the Doctor finds out that Amy and Rory are estranged and on the brink of a divorce because Amy doesn’t want Rory to despise her for being unable to have children of their own. So she decided to ‘let him go.’, but Rory never had a say in the matter and he still wants her by his side, for better or worse. Then we are introduced to a mysterious character named Oswin who helps guide the trio through the Asylum and achieve their goals. We come to find out that she is also a dalek, but is able to get the trio to safety and wiped the Dalek’s memories of all traces of the Doctor.

Best Line: “Run you clever boy….and remember/”


1. The Day of the Doctor (Doctors: Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt, Tom Baker and Peter Capaldi.)

My favorite all time episode of Doctor Who… the 50th Anniversary Special. This brought together adventure, fun, danger and sadness all wrapped up in some amazing writing as well as spectacular acting. In this episode we revisit the last day of the Time War, at the Fall of Arcadia. The current companion has to deal with not one, not two….but three different Doctors. (As if one wasn’t bad enough!) But the best part of this special was the complete do-over of the final day of the Time War. This was a major lead in to the new series of Doctor Who, now with Peter Capaldi as the freshly regenerated Twelfth Doctor. Overall an amazingly well written episode to celebrate 50 years of an amazing Sci-Fi Series.


Well that’s it folks! My top 10 all time Doctor Who Episodes. Thanks for sticking with me and as always….

Till the next time guys!!!

The Worst Question to ask a Kid

Ok, there are some questions that a kid just shouldn’t have to answer. Why not you ask? Oh probably because they just. don’t. know??

Remember when we were all growing up and adults around us (family members, their friends, heck even teachers!) asked us a simple question.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

It sounds like such a simple question, but to a kid….the possibilities are endless. What do you choose? What if your friend chooses a cooler job then you? It’s a tough decision to make. So why make it? Kids should not have to pick and choose what they are going to be…because that answer is going to change at least a billion times throughout the years. Kids should just be allowed to be kids and their creativity should be the main thing that is encouraged.

Now, anytime that my daughters ask me what they should be when they grow up. I always tell them the same thing, that they can be whatever they want to be. If they do what they love, then I will be a happy mother. I would never want them to go and become something or someone that they don’t want to be or to do something they don’t like doing. I wouldn’t be doing my job as a parent if that was the case.

Till the next time guys!!!

Saddest Day of My Life

I had found this subject when I was researching topics for my blog posts. At first, I honestly didn’t want to write about this topic but I knew I had to. I just rationalized it as a form of therapy. (It’s cheaper then a shrink, that’s for sure.)

The saddest day of my life occurred on August 24, 2013 at just after 3am. This is the day that my mother in law lost her battle with Cancer. The events are still so clear in my mind, its almost like it happened yesterday. I wasn’t a stranger by this point to losing a family member as we had lost my father in law in 2010. But this was different, she was the woman who stepped in and became a mom to me when I needed one; she was also ‘Nana’ to both of my daughters, and really close to her son. To me, she was invincible and just made everyone around her feel better.

When I had received the news that she had passed away, I was in shock and completely numb. I knew that this was going to hit the girls and especially my husband REALLY hard. I realized in a hurry, that I had to step up and be the rock and strength that everyone needed to get through that tough time. Looking back, I believe that I accomplished what I set out to do and I hope that she would be proud of me – but it came at a personal price.

I never truly allowed myself to grieve over her passing. I was so determined to follow in the footsteps of my mother in law, that I left myself out of the picture. Now, as it’s been a year since she’s left us, the anniversary hit me like a ton of bricks and let’s just say it wasn’t the best day for my husband or me. I just hope that now, if she’s looking down on us she knows that her son and granddaughters are in good hands.

Mom, I miss you terribly and love you lots. Thank you for being my strength and my rock.

RIP Martha Drane 09/24/2013

Fab Five Friday…(Part 1)

This week’s Fab Five is going to be a two-parter and it is in honor of the Series 8 launch of Doctor Who. I have had people ask me if they were to start watching the 50 year-long British Sci-Fi show, where would they start. Now I have been a fan for a long time, both of the classic series and of the current reboot. Here are the first 5 episodes (#’s 10-6) of both classic and current that I would recommend.

10. Boom Town (Doctor: Christopher Eccleston)

This episode was really good for a couple of reasons. This was the first official episode that Captain Jack Harkness (the immortal John Barrowman) was a full-fledged traveller on the TARDIS, this was also the first time the ‘Heart’ of the TARDIS was mentioned and utilized (this is important because Rose utilizes the Heart to save her Doctor in the series end, causing him to change.) Finally this is where we truly find out where Rose’s loyalties lie as she chooses the Doctor and Jack over her boyfriend Mickey Smith. I loved this episode because we started to get a good idea of what the guys would do to keep Rose safe.


9. Earthshock (Doctor: Peter Davidson)

Companions have always come and go, some leave of their own accord and some are gone against their will. But the first time that a companion was so violently ripped away was in this episode. The Doctor’s second oldest enemies are in play in this episode and between laser battles, hostage taking and struggles aboard the TARDIS, the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan watch in horror as Adric is trapped on a ship that has crashed into the Earth and exploded. Usually the Doctor swoops in to save the day and protect the people he has travelling with him, but this time all he could do was watch and feel completely helpless. Peter Davidson does an amazing job of bringing the emotions of the Time Lord to the forefront and we can only watch as he tries to grapple with Adric’s sudden and shocking demise.


8. School Reunion (Doctor: David Tennant)

This was such a cool episode, simply because this would be the first time a classic series companion met a current companion. Mickey summoned the Doctor and Rose to a local school because something was up with their students. The duo went undercover and events led to the Doctor meeting a particularly familiar reporter…named Sarah Jane Smith. He immediately knew who she was, but since she hadn’t seen the Time Lord since his 4th regeneration (Tom Baker), she wasn’t too sure. The pair finally reunite in a darkened hallway after Sarah Jane sees the TARDIS for the first time since she left all those years ago. The Doctor then introduces her to Rose and the two women clash at first, but then eventually come together and help rescue the children…along with the assistance of a witty little metal dog named K-9. The dog sacrifices himself and just after the Doctor and Sarah Jane say their farewells, he surprises her with an upgraded and re-designed K-9. Tennant brings the emotion in this episode as he is forced to face his past and Rose confronts him when she finds out that he never looks back on old companions after they leave him.


7. Five Doctors Special (Doctors: William Hartnell(Richard Hurndall), Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davidson)

Welcome to the 20th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who. This special gathered the first five doctors as well as some of the companions and dumped them all on Gallifrey. This wasn’t the first time the different doctors had met, nor would it turn out to be the last time. In this story, the Doctors are all yanked out of their timestreams and taken to an area of Gallifrey called the ‘Death Zone’. This special is one of my favourites because you watch as the different incarnations of the Doctor face companions from their past and either try to protect them or come to terms with how they separated, plus the intrigue on Gallifrey as the Time Lords struggle to find out who re-activated the Death Zone and try to get the Doctor and his various companions out of there safely. Then there’s the small matters of meeting Rassilon again and the fifth Doctor being named Lord President of Gallifrey……


6. Logopolis (Doctor: Tom Baker/Peter Davidson)

This is the first half of the only regeneration episodes in both Fab Fives. This is on the list because Tom Baker was actually my first Doctor. I can’t really say too much about this aside from the fact that the casuality toll is MASSIVE, I mean an entire species is nearly wiped out, plus a second planet for starters. Not to mention that the events leading up to the Doctor’s regeneration were pretty scary at the time. I won’t give away spoilers, but I will say that it involves a satellite, a figure in white, the Master and a VERY high distance to the ground. (AN: I HATE extremely high heights!). It was a well written episode and quite a fitting way to send off the 4th Doctor.


Well, this is the end of Part 1 of my Favorite Doctor Who episodes of all time. Next Friday I will have the second part (#5-1) plus a couple of honorable mentions.


Till the next time guys!