Summer 2014 Playlist

There’s nothing better during the summer then cranking some tunes. Whether your cleaning your house, driving around or even just kicking back in the yard, here is my summer playlist for this year.

10. Summertime – Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff
9. Slow Down – Selena Gomez
8. Dance Again – JLo feat. Pitbull
7. This Means War – Nickelback
6. Talk Dirty (Radio Edit) – Jason Derulo feat. 2Chainz
5. Adrenelina (Remix) – Ricky Martin feat. JLo and Wistin
4. Dark Horse – Katy Perry
3. Mosane – E.S. Posthumus
2. Happy – Pharrell
1. Come With Me – Ricky Martin

This list isnt set in stone, obviously it could change through out the summer as new music hits the airwaves. But for right now, this is the start list. As you can see, there’s dashes of old school and rock thrown in with hip-hop, latin pop and dance as well. If there is a song or two on this list that you enjoy as well, tell me about it in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Also, if none of these stike your fancy, then add your two cents in…what is on your summer music playlist for summer 2014?

Till the next time guys!

Shopping as a Mom

As moms we usually put ourselves at the bottom of the list for things needed. We are always making sure that everyone else is taken care of first before we even think about ourselves (its that nurturing provider aspect of motherhood). But did you ever catch yourself looking at magazines and seeing moms like Jessica Alba or Reese Witherspoon out with their kids and looking put together wearing name brands that we can only wish we had the budget for?

Hi, my name is Samantha and I live for shopping at thrift stores. Especially at our local Value Village.

When they have their storewide 50% off sales is the day that I go shopping for myself. I will be the first to confess that some days you can walk out with a TON of goodies and some days you walk out with nothing or just a single item. Its a coin toss and I’m not a small size by a long shot so that adds a degree of difficulty too. Now for the naysayers that think that all thrift store items are just no name brand cheap rags, here’s a small list of good quality names that i have found while going through the racks: Croft & Barrow, Kenneth Cole, Denver Hayes, Gap, Banana Republic, and Nine West just to name a few. I honestly think by now, 75-80% of my side of the closet is now name brand and cost maybe 1/4 of the price?

So unless there is something I need that I just couldnt find otherwise, I will be shopping for my name brands….at the thrift store.

Till next time guys!

Weekend Wrapup: Arthur Edition

Happy Tuesday everyone, hope you had a great 4th of July/Canada Day.

The weekend in our house was a fairly quiet one. For most of last week everyone was talking about Hurricane Arthur as it was coming up the Eastern Seaboard. In Nova Scotia, we felt it due to the high humidity levels(it wasn’t pleasant, thank GOD for ceiling fans!).
Anyways, as it got closer to the Maritimes, no one could predict where it was going to strike and it was throwing most people off guard because we usually don’t get hurricanes in our neck of the woods till late August – Early September (Remember Hurricane Juan from 2010?).

The only downside that I was seeing to this was the fact that my husband had a rare Saturday off and we were planning to spend it out with the kids. Since we didn’t know what to expect, those plans were squashed in a hurry. So we played it safe, got all of our food we were going to need and charged up the cell phone, tablet and other electronics just in case we lost power and waited for Saturday to arrive.

What. A. Letdown.

I know I should be considering myself lucky that we kept our power, but all we had was a really windy day. No rain, we had nothing…except blustry winds. I feel bad for those people who lost power and had to wait through really long repair times, I believe I would have been among those people if we were still in our old place. Then, like always the storm moved onwards and Sunday was warm again.

Now, another week has started and it looks like it will be a busy one. Take care everyone…

Till next time guys!

Pitfalls of a Creative Brain

Does the old cliche “You can never have too much of a good thing.” ring any bells?  For us creative types, it should ring true. After all, you can never have too much creativity right?


There is an ailment called “Creative Overloadtosis” (Yeah, I just made that up I know…) and the symptoms of this ailment include having too much creative energy and not being able to figure out the proper outlet(s) for it. Sadly, this ailment has no cure and has been known to cause people to spend an exorbitant amount of time and money in craft supply stores.

Guys, if your wife or daughter suffer from this ailment then the best thing you can do is……go along with their creative whims. Side effects of Creative Overloadtosis is frustration, sullenness, lack of motivation and silent moodyness. So if they’re not happy, everyone loses. If you see the woman in your life suffering, hand her the car keys and her wallet and send her to the local craft store.

How do I know all of these tips? Well thats easy to answer.
I suffer from Creative Overloadtosis….and my husband is a VERY fast learner.

Till the next time guys!

Dear God…..It’s Summer Vacation!!!!

(Mercedes on the left and Marissa on the right)

As you read this, my 9 year old daughter Mercedes has spent her last hour at school for the year. I, like most moms relished shipping my child off to school every day so that I could get to work and start my day with one child instead of two. But for the next 8 1/2 weeks, they both are all mine. The question that I ask every year still rings true.

“Where has all the time gone?”

Year after year, that same question never gets answered. This year though, i have taken on a couple of pet projects. The first one is to teach my eldest daughter to be more responsible and self sufficient. She will be going into grade 4 in the fall and I want her to learn more responsibility as well as being more aware of herself. With how stubborn she is (she got that from her mom), this might be a tall order. Naturally, the girls will still be spending most of their time out in the fresh air being kids.

The second pet project is more geared towards the entire family. I am taking this summer and going to do my best to have us all eating healthier and getting out to exercise more. Even if its just to go for a walk or to the playground at the school nearby, i just want us to be healthier. Foodwise, I have two picky eaters on my hands. Yet I love fresh fruit and vegetables as does our 4 year old. If any of you have any tips, ideas or recipes that might aide me in my project, let me know in the comments below would you?
Thanks again for stopping by my blog and for all of us moms that are embarking on summer vacation with their school-aged kids, good luck and have a super start to your summer!

Till next time guys!

5 Interesting Things about Me

So for most of my longtime friends, you might know these facts about me. But for those of you that were wanting to get to know me a bit better, here are 5 things about me.

1. I’m a gamer girl – I love video gaming. Currently I am playing DC Universe Online, Final Fantasy 14, and periodically if I need to de-stress Defiance. The best part is when people that I play with find out that I am really a girl, they are shocked. But I have also made some amazing friends while gaming as well.

2. I am a major technology nut – I think I got my love of electronics from my father as I was growing up. Conventions like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) are just two of the events that make me happy every year.

3. I love Classical and Ambient music – My music library is quite wide in its tastes, but if I am stressed or just need to relax then I will turn to Mozart or some ambient piece with an amazing beat.

4. I am no longer a big sweets lover – This is one of the pitfalls with being a cupcake baker and candy maker. Being surrounded by sugar all the time, actually turned me off eating it and more towards fresh veggies and fruit. Go figure huh?

5. I love Latin styles of Ballroom dancing – Ok, this one is more of a guilty pleasure, but salsa,meringue and samba have moves that I just love. You can probably find me dancing around the kitchen with Jennifer Lopez or Ricky Martin blaring from my tablet.

Till next time guys!!!

Weekend Wrapup…

Yes, before anyone else mentions it….I know today’s Tuesday.

Last Thursday and Friday I was up to my eyeballs in cupcake batter, frosting and melted candy and candy molds. I was making inventory for my first show under the banner of Crimson Cove Creations. (Photos will be up on my FB page!!!!)

To be completely honest, I was nervous. There have been only a few people that have truly supported me since I made the decision to become an entrepreneur. My husband being at the top of that list. I knew going into this show that I wasn’t going to make tons of money, but I truly didn’t care. I was more aiming to get my name out there and see what was going right and what I could change and make better for the next time.

After the show, I was sooo tired. I spent the rest of the rainy day hanging with the family. Then Sunday was Father’s day and let’s just say it was a bit of a disaster….

So now after the buildup for the show, I had decided to call a hold on all things baking till after Canada day (so I could take a breather.) But the major question is…What the heck do I do with myself now?

Till next time guys!!

Cupcakes and Chocolates..


Now what is the first thing that comes to mind when you read that title? All I know is that when I typed it, my sweet tooth went into overdrive.
I was looking for something to occupy my time after I had left the travel industry. I had always loved to bake and my family always loved it when I baked as well, so I took a chance and made a batch of maple cinnamon cupcakes and gave some to my husband’s co-workers and my girlfriend at her work. Then I crossed my fingers and hoped that they went over well.
To my delight, they loved them and begged me for more.

After a long discussion with my husband Trevor and breaking down the costs of starting a business out of my kitchen – Crimson Cove Creations was born.

I know what your thinking…. Where did the name come from?
Well, the color crimson symbolized strength and passion – my passion for baking and creating. The Cove aspect? Well, I was born on the West coast of British Columbia and currently live on the East Coast in Nova Scotia, so the cove symbolizes that.

Its still a small business, but I am hoping to establish myself with amazing treats that everyone will love.

Back in the Drivers Seat..

Well…here we are again.

Its been a difficult road to get back here and to feel confident enough to try blogging again. I have gone through some difficult times over the last little while, but with the amazing support system that I have here(starting with my husband :-)) I am ready to kick some blogging butt. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this for people to pity me. I just am saying that no matter whats going on in your life, if you can reach out to people you trust and love for help and support, then things will get better.

But enough of the melancholy! :-)

This new blog, still titled ‘Welcome to my World’ is exactly that – Welcoming you into my world.
It will combine my love of writing, my life as a mom of two girls (one of which is entering pre-teens *sighs*), a wife and a fledgling entrepreneur of Crimson Cove Creations. All this among other things that I love that I probably will have some sort of opinion on.

I may juggle numerous hats, but I’m still just the same Canadian girl next door. I hope you will have some laughs, smile and enjoy stopping by my re-vamped and re-designed blog.