Fron the depths of my writer’s mind…

The sounds of a door unlocking and the beeping of the security system being deactivated rang hollow throughout Melanie’s 15th floor condo. Closing and locking the door behind her, she threw her keys on the table with a resigned sigh.

“Guess all the work, and no play really has turned me into a spinster.” she thought.

Shedding her coat and bag, she made her way upstairs to get out of her work outfit and into something she could relax in. As soon as she opened her bedroom door she noticed that the balcony door was open and the warm summer air ruffled her sheer black curtains. She watched in total surprise as a beautiful falcon flew through the open doors, landing on her balcony and shifting into a form that has haunted her thoughts since they were introduced to each other just a few short weeks ago.

“Nick? Just a second ago, you were..a…” Melanie was at a loss for words at this moment. She didn’t have time to react to this new information as Nick stalked his way towards her, muscles coiled and tense along with a dark hunger in his eyes. He backed her into the bedroom door and slanted his lips over hers, seeking her complete submission within the kiss which she gave to him willingly.

The need for air caused Melanie to surface from the kiss first, and caused Nick to leave a searing trail of kisses down the side of her neck and across her collarbone causing her to tremble. Feeling the shiver from the brunette in his arms caused Nick to smile and bury his face in her neck just a bit deeper, turning it into a low groan. As he carried her to bed, his mission for this night was to show her the true power she had over him….and he planned to take all night proving his point if he needed to.

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