A little Tidbit……

“You may now kiss the bride…”

The priest’s words still rang in Sarah’s head. She was married….Sarah Evans no longer existed, she was now Sarah Lambert and the wife of the heir to the Lambert empire. She was trying to wrap her head around that fact as they had arrived at their outdoor reception.

The wedding and reception were being held on Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands and it was everything that Sarah could have wanted and more. She had her family by her side and was welcomed warmly into Drake’s family, but for some strange reason she just felt the need to escape from the reception. Drake caught her excusing herself and slipping out the side entrance towards the dock. He followed her and found her sitting by the edge, staring out into the water. He sensed that she was feeling a bit overwhelmed and he just wanted to make sure that she was alright. She looked up and tangled her hand within his, motioning for him to sit down. He did, but they ended up with his head laying on her satin covered lap. Looking down into his green eyes, she saw the love and security that he offered her and knew things were going to be alright.

“To Forever Mr Lambert…” Sarah said.
“To Eternity Mrs. Lambert…” Drake replied, smiling.

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