All about Inspiration

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked: “Where do you get your inspiration from?”

I would be rich….insanely rich.

Thing is, I can find inspiration just about anywhere. It could be from a piece of music that has just the right beat or a scene on a TV show to a line in a book. Anything in the world around you could become inspiration if you can just open your mind. You see, imagination and inspiration go hand in hand and it’s very hard to have one without the other.
Take a rose for example. Most people would see it as a fragrant flower and very beautiful. To me, I could envision that rose as the insignia for a princess set to become Regent on her homeworld, or it could be a rare rose that has healing properties and there’s a race to find it… You see what I mean.

I’m not saying that the inspiration is going to lead into a full fledged novel, sometimes it doesn’t. But the next time you are out and around your house, or even walking around town and see something that strikes your fancy….let your imagination go!

Inspiration is just around the corner.

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