Friday Fashion – Shades of Style

Friday Fashion (2)

Hey Gang,

It’s another Friday Fashion and believe me, after the week that Halifax has had weather wise (there was snow….AGAIN!), the elusive sun has started to make its appearance. Time to find a new pair of sunglasses for the season!!
When it comes to design trends, some do come and go and some truly retro styles stick around season after season. This gives the consumer (AKA Us) the ability to select from a wide range of designs. But, not everyone agrees on what styles should be in and this allows the single season trends to pop up and make their case.
Aviator Style Frames:
     A tried and true style, these will again be a popular choice for the spring and summer seasons. Although the basic design never changes, there are little tweaks within the metal color, lenses, and at the temples. Classically cool, these can be the finishing touch to a laid back pair of jean shorts and gladiator sandals or can make a maxi dress even more stylish.
Let’s do a Time Warp:
     The 1960’s are back again baby!! Glamour and being feminine was at an all time high in this era and it shows in the style. Look for a rounded shape in different colors or prints, or even try for a subdued look. This also will mark the return of the Tortoiseshell style temples (which I REALLY love), that was such a hit during that time.
Blog Photo
Looking to the Future:
     With every brand that uses a style that looks back into the past, there’s another brand (usually a smaller and growing brand) that tends to head right into the realm of the futuristic. If this seems to be a style that catches your interest, look for tone-on-tone lenses, half rimmed frames, silver on gold (and vice versa) and matte black acetate temples on the frames.
I hope these tips give you some ideas if you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses. Personally, I have a sturdy pair of oversize animal print that have lasted me for the last few years but I would always love a second pair.
Till the next time guys!!
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The Story of Us..

(AN: I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, but the title just seems to fit!)

Today is a milestone for my husband and I. 10 years ago today, in the Show pyramid at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, AB, we said “I Do.”

Wedding Photo

For someone like me who came from a fractured background, I never expected to make it a year as a married woman. But 10 years? That’s a feat in itself in today’s day and age. How I managed to make it to now you ask? Simple.
I married someone that I managed to build a strong foundation with. Honestly, it made our relationship that much easier.

Leading up to the wedding day was not as easy as it looked. Between hand designing the decorations and bouquets, freaking out that my wedding dress was not going to be finished in time or the biggest blunder of my entire wedding….the Tuxedos didn’t fit! 4 days before the wedding and we find out that not only were the tuxes ill fitting, but the company refused to fix their errors. If anything  wanted to make me throw up my hands in defeat and just elope, it was that.

We made the best of it though and had some great laughs that night. As I look back on that day, 10 years later, I realize that even with all the ups and downs and bumps in the road….. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Happy 10th Anniversary Sweetheart!
Here’s to 10 more!

Surgery and Sanity…

This last week has been an emotionally loopy one at Casa Drane. I’m usually pretty good about keeping my emotions and sanity in check, but when family is involved then control tends to go out the window.

My husband has been suffering from severe back pain for quite a long time. After a long stint through doctors, physiotherapists and specialists, we find out that he had a herniated disc.

Hello Surgery.

Now he is usually healthy as a horse, so to hear this was honestly a bit scary.(AN: More so for him then me because he’s never needed surgery before in his life.) The only catch was that we only had just over a weeks notice. So between housing my ‘oh so darling’ brother in law, handling my husband’s work schedule as well as his concerns and fears about this upcoming surgery…it was a crazy time.

Well to make a long story short, surgery day was last Thursday. The day was the longest of my life. Seeing my husband being rolled past the metal doors into the OR finally made me crack. I broke down in tears in the elevator headed down to the cafeteria. Even though this was a routine surgery, I am still human and that image scared me.

It’s now been almost a week and he has made leaps and bounds since that day. Hell, he’s too stubborn to let himself be kept down. Time will tell how long he needs to recover completely, but knowing my husband…..he won’t be down for long.

Friday Fashion

Happy Friday Everyone!

From time to time, I’m going to have tips about style that I will post up here on Fridays.

Now that my daughters are getting older, ( I have a pre-teen and I’m still in my early 30’s? Score!!) I can start to work on finding my own style again.

Todays tips were care of former reality star turned social media darling Lauren Conrad. Here are her tips to dressing cute on a daily basis (with commentary by moi.)

5. Pay attention to your shoes
– When I was younger, I used to love thin high heeled shoes. In my mind, they went with everything. Now that I am older and hopefully a bit wiser, I am gravitating more towards ballet flats, thick heeled boots and kitten heels(or slightly taller). Now its a mixture of function and fashion!

4. Try a pop of color
– Remember the old addage “Black is a slimming color”?
Well, it can also be Boring!!  Definitely think about adding a bright or bold shade to break up the monotony of a neutral colored outfit. If you’re leery, start small. Wear a bright statement necklace or carry a bold color bag, then go from there.

3. Pick what flatters
– Both before and after I had my daughters, I knew one thing about my style – I can not pull off dresses or skirts at all. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t for lack of trying. But I also found out that in spite of that, I found out that I can definitely wear boot cut and flare style jeans and pants. So when I go shopping for clothes, I will pay more for a good quality pair of pants then on anything else. I love this tip because it can expand your capsule wardrobe.

2. Rock a stylish bag or clutch
– I am a bag nut. I can freely admit this because for every bag that I buy (thank you Value Village!)  I donate one or two of my current bags. Luckily my bags fit the season that I use it in. Its also an advantage that if i wanted to, the bags that I choose could be used in multiple seasons.

1. Build your outfit around one easy piece
– This tip ties in with #3 for me because I tend to build my daily outfits around a single piece – a really great pair of jeans. Simple, sporty, classic or fashion functional, jeans are so versatile.

Whatever the season, these tips can be used year round.

Interested in more? Stop by soon for the next Friday Fashion!

The more Fashion changes….. The more it stays the same.

Hi guys,

Since the weather here in Halifax is still “Snowtastic” (you can roll your eyes now), i decided to snoop through spme old files of mine.

I came across some old People Stylewatch magazine pages from Fall 2010. They were full of fashion tips all about your wardrobe. When I sat down to re-read them, I came to realize that these tips were still good to use now.

So I have good news, annnnd not so good news.

Good News? I will definitely be sharing these tips with you.
Not so Good News?? You’ll have to wait until Tomorrow afternoon for the first set.

Yeah, I know I am a tease but I know you’ll keep coming back for more.

See you tomorrow everyone!

A time for Change…

I will admit I have been in a full on slump lately. But with the craziest winter Halifax has had since 2004, I don’t think that anyone will blame me. (AN: The photo below is my patio after back to back to back snowfalls.)


But with being cooped up within the four walls of my apartment with my kids (it was spring break last week), I took a good look at both my blog and my beginning business. One thing was crystal clear.

I needed to change the name of both.

Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings, and what a better time to make changes then now? But there’s a bit of a catch…

I am not revealing the new blog name till April 1st, 2015. What I can tell you is that I’ll be writing about lifestyle, being a mom to a pre-teen and a soon to be kindergartner, as well as indulging my gamer and geeky side and helping out my indie author friends with promotion and reviews.

So get ready for April 1st, I can’t wait to show you the new blog!

Till the next time guys!

The Power of a single word….

Perfection is such a bad word in my books. If we were all perfect, then we would basically be robots or Stepford wives. (*shudders*)

At some point or another in everybody’s lives, they have had flaws. Some people may think they have more then others and some may honestly have just one or two. (I won’t disclose how many flaws I know I have. :) )
Flaws are a part of us and they need to be accepted before they can be worked on, or in a best case scenario fixed completely.

Do I think there is a pressure to be perfect? I absolutely do.
Am I guilty of putting pressure on myself to be perfect as a mother? Sadly, yes I do. But who honestly hasn’t?

As a mother of two daughters, a wife and a starting small business owner, I would love to be that woman who is successful from the start, while taking time for herself, spending quality time with her spouse as well as her kids and somehow manages to get a full night’s sleep.
For now though, I can and will be content with having a fledgling business and a mostly healthy family. Everything else will work itself out.

So, Perfection…who needs it?

Not me.

Till the next time guys!

The week of Love


February 14th is Valentine’s Day.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is one of the most stressful (and expensive) holidays every year. Mostly due to both men and women needing to overspend on extravagant gifts for their significant others and make their gifts this year better then the year previous. It turns this holiday into being all about the gifts, then what it should be which is spending time with your partner.

Now, I am a slight romantic at heart but Valentines is mostly just another day for me. Before you start thinking that my husband doesn’t love me or any other silly notion like that, let me just say that it’s just another day for me because most Valentines since he and I met almost 12 years ago…he’s had to work.

I’m not saying that him working on that day is a bad thing though.

I don’t need expensive jewelry or gifts like that because it’s a ‘special occasion’. Give me good food and good conversation and I am quite content. (A little chocolate doesn’t hurt either!!)

On the blog this week, I am taking a look at all things romantic. From recipes to make your mouth water, drinks to tantalize your taste buds to travel destinations for a romantic getaway and novels that will get you hot under the collar. So sit the angel on your one shoulder and the devil on your other shoulder…. and get ready for some heat!

Till the next time guys!

Winter is a Tease…aka Groundhog Day

Since yesterday was Groundhog’s Day(curse you groundhogs, I wanted an early Spring!!!), it reminds me of the movie by the same name starring Bill Murray. He had to live a particular day over and over again.

If you were in his shoes, what particular day would you want to be able to relive over and over again?
Personally, I have quite a few days that I can choose from and each are equally as important. Choosing just one day out of them all was quite difficult.

So I will go with my wedding day. The days leading up to it were difficult and very exhausting (I still had a 5 month old daughter to care for!), but when the actual day arrived and I woke up that morning, it was like nothing else mattered. I was happy and getting increasingly excited as the day went on. I had my girlfriends with me, as well as my daughter and my ‘miracle worker’ (otherwise known as my brother in law’s wife), who turned me from a tired out new mother to a radiant bride to be. Between all of them, I stayed calm and relaxed.

That entire day from start to finish was simply one major party with family and friends. Getting married to my partner in crime? Icing on the cake. I would definitely relive this day over and over if given the chance.

Till the next time guys!!

Time Sure Flies By…..


Thinking about the signifigance of what today is for my family, I ask myself one simple question.
“Where did my baby girl go?”

My youngest daughter is a ball of cyclonic energy. Most days she can go from sunrise to sundown without stopping. I want to bottle her energy up and sell it to most parents that i know. She makes us smile and laugh with so much ease, its hard to be sad around her. Its not really that surprising though, shes been able to do that since she was just an infant.
But when I looked at the date today, I realized that my little munchkin has hit her next milestone – She has turned 5 years old.

When that little tidbit of information dawned on me, it nearly brought me to tears. The realization that my baby wasn’t truly a baby any more was a very hard pill to swallow. But I will accept that fact, be content with the memories and move on. The positive side of this news is that now she will have a whole new set of adventures and experiences to go through and I personally can’t wait to see things from her eyes.

But for now, I will simply say to my amazingly humble and happy daughter Marissa….

Happy 5th Birthday my little sprite! Love Mom.

Till the next time guys!