Word Inspiration – ‘Family’

I have never done one of these word inspiration posts, so hopefully this won’t be the last.

I’ve never kept it a secret that I had a difficult childhood and became estranged from my immediate family as I got older. Some of them were my choice, some were from outside influences when I was younger and didn’t know any better. But I am getting off topic.

What I have learned about the word ‘family’ is this: Family doesn’t always equate to blood. As I have gotten older, I have met people and the friendships that they have graced me with, grew into becoming as close as family.

Now not many people are in this category, but those that are, I have trusted them with the most important people in my life – my daughters.

As for my own family? I’ve been lucky to have an amazing relationship with my dad, and my younger sister has restarted contact with me and things are great on that front as well.

So if you think you don’t have anyone that you can consider family, then look no further then those people who would go that extra mile to make sure when they didn’t need to; those people that have seen you at your absolute worst and still come around to visit, those same people that simply just value you for being you…. now that’s my definition of FAMILY.

State of the Blog Address

Ok, before anyone asks… this is SO not a political post!

I just needed a catchy title since it’s been a bit since I’ve posted last :)

Now that’s out of the way, I hope everyone has managed to get through that long month of January in one piece. For me, it’s was a bit of a tough one but since it was nothing like the misery that was last year at this time – I will call it a win.

Now we are into the lovely month of February. This month means Super Bowl 50, Grammy’s, Valentine’s Day, my amazing daughter’s birthday (which was yesterday…can’t believe she’s 6!) and the one day that still manages to make people nervous.

Groundhog Day…Which would be today.

Now for those who do not know what the myth behind today is about, here’s a refresher.

Every year on this date, groundhogs come out from winter hibernation and go outside. If they see their shadow, then it signifies six more weeks of winter. But if they don’t (and I really hope they don’t!!), then say hello to some early spring weather. Naturally, those who know me best know that I will always be rooting for that furry little guy (in my case, Shubenacadie Sam.) to not see his shadow. Some years he gets it right and some years he blows it completely. Here’s to hoping this year!

As for me, I’m off to plan for the month and get my kids ready for school. Have a great week guys!

Till the next time…

My Top 5 Jams on the Radio

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re in your car for whatever reason and flipping through the local radio stations. There’s nothing playing that you recognize right away but suddenly you catch a part of a lyric, or a melody line that makes you stop and go back just to listen to the end of the song? Heck, if I had a dollar for everytime that this happened to me.. I’d be taking the kids on vacation this month!

Here are my 5 current favorite songs on the radio (again, in absolutely no particular order…):

5. Selena Gomez – “Same Old Love”

4. Alessia Cara – “Here”

3. Calvin Harris feat. The Disciples – “How Deep is your Love?”

2. Adele – “Hello”

1. Demi Lovato – “Confident”

Number two is fairly interesting to me because I am not usually an Adele fan, but this song got under my skin. Go check these tracks out!

Till the next time guys!

Top Ten: Foods I could eat…Forever


That one simple word can bring a smile or grimace to people’s faces. Or heck…maybe even both.

The one thing that most people can agree on is that we all have one (or more) foods that we can eat constantly. Me? I have a lot of them.

Here’s the top ten foods that I could live off of forever (in completely random order):

10. Pico de Gallo – I love most Mexican foods and this fresh and bright dip is no different. I use it with chips, but it would work amazingly with chicken as well.

9. Salmon – I was born on the Canadian west coast so salmon was a staple for most grocery stores and restaurants. As a kid, I used to love eating salmon, especially when it was grilled. Sadly, I had gone off eating it for a long time until just recently when I tried the most amazing salmon with a Mediterranean sauce. Salmon is also great with a simple lemon and dill sauce as well. Yum!

8. Grapefruit / Mandarin Oranges – Now, before you all look at me quizzically.. I know one is an orange and one isn’t. I put these both here because I love them both equally. I spent one summer when I was 17 down in Central Florida (amazing spot!!) and my diet mostly consisted of citrus fruits – grapefruit in particular. I ended up losing 15 pounds during my trip.

7. Vanilla Greek Yoghurt – I had been a yoghurt lover since I was a kid, but when I tried this thicker version.. I was hooked. I’ve tried a few different versions (definitely not a fan of the fruit on the bottom types) and found a vanilla bean version that hits the spot.

6. Corn on the Cob – This one was simple. It’s healthy, yummy and tastes amazing when BBQ’d. Enough said :)

5. Chicken – This particular meat is pretty much a clean slate and I think that is why it’s so appealing to me. My husband is an amazing cook and can turn chicken, lemon juice and some spices into a really yummy dinner.

4. Turkey Breast and Dijon Mustard – My name is Samantha.. and I am a sucker for a good sandwich. Take turkey breast, a good Dijon mustard and slip it between two pieces of 12 grain bread. Add a glass of grapefruit juice and maybe some raw veggies and you have one heck of a lunch in my books.

3. Raw Green and Red Peppers – I am a fan of most raw vegetables, but these in particular I have a serious love for. Whether they’re in a balsamic vinaigrette, dipped in hummus or just eaten raw, they are great snacks.

2. Hummus – There are two ways (currently) that I enjoy chick peas. One way is dry roasted in the oven with some spices and the other is made into hummus. Chick peas, olive oil, tahini (a sesame paste), lemon juice, salt and garlic make up this middle eastern delicacy.

1. Whole Wheat Pasta with Four Cheese sauce – Did I mention that I had Italian blood running through my veins? This is my go-to comfort food whenever I feel lousy or it’s a rainy day. If I really want to indulge though, I’ll grate some fresh parmigiano reggiano on top.
Well there they are. If you noticed that most of these foods are more on the healthy side – you’re right. I am trying in 2016 to eat healthier and ditch the junk food, so I thought this would be a start.
Till the next time guys!!


App Review: Stop, Breathe and Think

Hey everyone,

One of the biggest resolutions that I have noticed over the years is that people resolve to stress out less. I can say I have been one of those people. So last year, I decided to do a little research into something that I can use both at home and on the go if I wanted to.

After looking through and trying over a dozen different apps from the Google Play Store (I am not an IPhone fan.. At. All.), I came across an app that had a fairly good range of guided meditations even before the developers enticed you with their paid meditations.

Stop, Breathe & Think starts out by asking you how you are feeling both physically and mentally (ranges between “great” and “meh”), then it gives you descriptive words to try and explain your mood. After it has those three pieces of information, then it determines the best meditation for your mood. Meditations can range from 4min all the way up to 15+min on the free side. Paid meditations are in packs ranging from 0.99 to 2.99 and they are mostly extensions of the current meditations.

The female voice used in the meditations is very smooth and easily blends into the background yet is strong enough to keep your focus on it as she guides you through. If you start using it on a consistent basis, the app will track the top 10 emotional descriptions that you use constantly. It will also give you nifty little stickers to mark your progress (ie: meditating two days in a row, 60 min total, etc).

I think I will be sticking with this app and I am definitely considering buying the paid meditations. If you’re a beginner to meditation (like myself), then definitely check this out.

Rating: 8.5 gongs out of 10.

TV Review: The Abominable Bride (BBC’s Sherlock)

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Sherlock Fans.

We have waited long and patiently for a new episode of our favorite consulting detective… and this episode did not disappoint. But it was slightly confusing..

The Abominable Bride began by taking us back to London in the 1890’s and giving us a glimpse of 221B Baker St as it was back then. We find our main characters in mostly the same roles as they would be in present day, but our beloved coroner has found a way to make it in a mans world..so to speak. Oh and we can’t forget Mycroft…dear dear Mycroft ;).

The case is a fairly typical murder case with an alleged ghostly twist, but despite Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss words to the contrary, there are some BIG implications in this episode for Series 4 (which I have ABSOLUTELY no clue as to when it’s being aired or if it’s already been filmed.)

PROS: Absolutely amazing performances from Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott; Costumes and background sets were wonderful and the Victorian era plot was well written; the conflict between both Andrew Scott and Benedict Cumberbatch was also addicting to watch.

CONS: Way too much point of view flipping, the explanation of this entire episode felt like too much of a cop-out (despite the fact that I give the writers full points for what they were trying to get across); Definitely under utilized both Amanda Abbington and Louise Brealey (Mary Morstan and Molly Hooper).

Overall it was a good episode and for me personally, it was satisfying enough to tide me over until series 4. But for those who say that it was confusing, I can understand completely.

I’m giving The Abominable Bride 7.5 out of 10.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!


Yay!! Hello November!!

Hey Everyone,

I never thought I would be so happy to be rid of October and would be welcoming November into my home with open arms. But when your entire house falls sick for half of the month, you look forward to a new month.

Usually November is special, because it’s National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo for those in the know). I have been a constant participant for the last 5 years running, but this year I have decided to bow out. My focus has turned from writing to getting my wedding planning business up and running. So to all of those people partaking in the event this year, I wish you all the luck in the world.

And on that note…

Till the next time guys!!!