Time to catchup!

Hello everyone!

First off, sorry for being away for so long. RL decided to get in the way and once that does, everything just snowballs. 😐

But now that everything has settled down and I am comfortably settled into my schoolwork…I can happily get back to blogging business.

Now wait a second Samantha…you’re in school? When did this happen??

…Did I forget to mention that little tidbit?
Sorry, here’s what happened:

I had been all set to go back to school and study Web design with a certain distance education college. I was excited to apply and insanely nervous.
Then reality set it’s nasty little hammer down on my dreams. Everything came to a screeching halt when I was turned down for student funding.

Saying that I was devastated is an understatement.  But I had also had enough of being kicked while I was down. I allowed myself 48hrs max to be upset and be mad…then I got back down to business.

Over the next 3 weeks, I had researched distance education institutions all over the US and here in Canada.  But I was also searching within those schools for any that did affordable payment plans. If I was going to go back to school again…I was going to pay for it.

Surprisingly not many had payment plans, and even less had ones that were affordable.. I had also realized that my plan to study Web design was no longer within my budget. So I had to look into other interests that would also be able to become careers that I could do from home.

I signed my student contract in mid July to become…. a Wedding Planner.

So far things have been great and I am already thinking of ideas for what I can do after I finish my course. Truth be told, I can’t wait.

Till the next time guys!

Hail the Maple Leaf….and Hockey!

Hey everyone!

As you could probably tell from the title, it’s a holiday up here in Canada.

But the more important aspect of today?  Especially for us hockey lovers?

Free Agent Frenzy starts today!!!!!!

This is the day where we start to see the landscape of our favorite hockey teams for the upcoming season.  As I am a longtime Edmonton Oilers fan (and yes I still proudly exclaim it), I am really looking forward to October to see how my team does.

But I just stopped in to wish my fellow Canucks a Happy Canada Day from coast to coast and to all of us NHL fans?

Happy Free Agent Day!!

Till the next time guys! ;)

The Tides are Changing…..

I had spent the last day or so trying to figure out a topic for this new post and so far had come up with zilch. Then the blog gods must have seen my turmoil and lent a hand because when I woke up this morning, this landed in my lap as an idea.

I can sum up this article in two very simple words: Love. Wins.

That is exactly what happened in the USA. In a historic 5-4 vote, the US Supreme Court ruled that same – sex marriages would now be legal nationwide. Now keep in mind that 36 states already allow this and make it a right. This ruling would mean the other 14 states have to now drop their same-sex bans.

Personally, I am a happily married straight woman but I have some gay friends and I fully support the ruling today. In my honest opinion though, this is a ruling that should have happened many moons ago, but I am just glad that it has happened at all.

Here’s a little food for thought….this isn’t just a step in the right direction for same-sex couples, its a step in the right direction for the human race.

After all, isn’t that the one factor that we all have in common?

Being Human?……

Till the Next Time Guys!

Today is the day that Love beat all!

Weekend Roundup…


You know what they say about those right???

Lemme take you back to mid last week. My husband had been trying to get his work schedule changed around because Friday (June 19) was my birthday. Well, that didn’t work and off to work he went. Not to mention, it was pouring rain outside and actually kind of chilly. (Note to Mother Nature – Will you give it a rest already??? IT’S MID JUNE FOR GOODNESS SAKES!).

Then my (brand spanking new Galaxy S5) phone beeped with a text message. It was from my friend out west. Now to let you guys in on a little secret, this summer was supposed to be when we packed up the few things we were taking and moving back to Alberta from Nova Scotia. But in the course of three simple text messages, that whole plan went up in smoke. This means, that I am stuck in Nova Scotia for yet another year. Needless to say, I spent my birthday in tears over this because we were looking forward to starting over and making a better life for my daughters. Now I am forced to go back to square one and re-evaluate everything.

The one valid thing that I learnt from this experience was the fact that if you want to make some major changes in your life and in the lives of those around you, then you have to get up and do it yourself.
I’m not going to lie to you, this still is quite upsetting to me but I have to move on and keep going. I have to look at this now as an opportunity to learn some new skills, start working out again as well as continue to write and craft.

Till the next time guys! (And THANK YOU ALL FOR READING!!)

Update (on a more personal level…)

Almost a week ago now, I wrote a post about wanting to improve myself. I wanted to start learning some new skills so that I could make some money while still being at home.

So – Google became my new buddy. I searched for webistes that could help me learn HTML5 as well as CSS (for a start.) After downloading a few apps that would help in a pinch, I came across a website that basically hit the jackpot. Now for those who know me well, know that I am a very “hands-on” learner. I have been since I was in school. If I have to sit and listen to a lecture, then you might as well give me a pillow and warm blanket….because I will fall asleep.

Enter Codecademy (http://www.codecademy.com).

This interactive teaching website teaches up to 8 different programming languages (including HTML and CSS), and they do it in such a way that the information sticks in your brain. Learning the tutorials and implementing them at the same time, coupled with being able to see what you have been able to create is a definite confidence booster. For the first time in a while, I look forward to learning more.

So, if you are looking to learn something new – DEFINITELY check this website out. I don’t think you will be disappointed. As for moi, I’m going to practice what I know and start building some profiles. :-)

Till the next time guys!

Dear Me (AKA: If I knew then what I know now….)

Dear 16 year old Samantha,

Breathe. That’s right, just breathe. You are at a difficult spot in your life and you have no idea on what to do. If I could be there to guide you in the right direction I would, but who knows what the Universe would do if there was two of us in the same place at the same time hey?

You’ve just started attending Belmont, navigating your classes and teachers expectations all while starting to emerge as an individual. You have a long road ahead of you with some serious obstacles to overcome as well as some minor missteps, but you will pull through just fine. You were always labeled as the ‘straight-laced’ and ‘responsible’ daughter, but you will soon shed those labels and blaze your own personal path.

If there is one piece of wisdom that I can give you, it’s this:
‘Stay strong and true to yourself and never give up. You are a fighter.’

Keep smiling Sam, you’re going to be great! Heck, I should know….I do have 17, almost 18 years of experience to draw from.

Samantha (Age 33).

(A.N: Till the next time guys!)