Beauty Review

*Author Note – I received these products for free in exchange for a honest review.*
Hey everyone,
As I am writing this, Halifax is cleaning up after a weird snowstorm yesterday. If I have learned anything from being born on the Canadian West Coast and living for the last 5+ years here in Halifax, it’s that anything is possible when it comes to the weather. I learned something else too…
These crazy weather changes are murder on my hair. I have naturally wavy, frizzy hair and most days it is an absolute PAIN to deal with. Honestly, I usually just throw it in a clip or a elastic band and be done with it. But it turns out that there is a hair care line that can help tame it.
John Freida’s Beyond Smooth line which consists of shampoo, conditioner and a wet hair primer. What I think gives this line an advantage is the addition of coconut oil. Now I know there’s been oodles and oodles of people who have sung the praises of coconut oil but I have never tried it before now.
Why? No other reason then cost.
But after trying this hair care line, I seriously have to rethink that.
When I poured the shampoo, it was slightly more watery then I had anticipated but it lathers very well. The scent is soft and clean, not overpowering and that is a major point with me. The conditioner is thick and also lathers very well. The primer (which needs to be applied to wet hair for it to work) feels like I am putting a shield on my hair, guarding and protecting it from the elements. Usually when I let my hair air dry, it turns into a poufball of frizz and curls that even a poodle would be proud of. Yet, with the Beyond Smooth line it was flat and soft to the touch.
The next day, when I pulled out my trusty straightening iron to work on my hair, I was pleasantly surprised at how much time I needed to straighten my hair. Using these products cut my style time down by 1/3.
So if you are in the market for a new hair care line, then I would definitely suggest giving John Freida’s Beyond Smooth line a try.
Check out my before and after photo on my Instagram account:
Till the next time guys!!

Outfit of the Day – April 8th 2016.

Outfit of the Day - April 8th 2016.


Lands End plus size evening top
91 CAD –

86 CAD –

Womens plus size pants
33 CAD –

Delicious high heel shoes
35 CAD –

Apt 9 white handbag
22 CAD –

Bebe earrings jewelry
25 CAD –

NLY Accessories vegan jewelry
28 CAD –

H&M metal-frame sunglasses
11 CAD –

My Definition of Art

(AN: Happy Belated Easter everyone! Hope you all had an enjoyable long weekend – SD)

When I think of the word Art, it brings up a few different pictures in my mind. The most obvious is that art is made by an Artist using mediums such as watercolor / oil paints, pastels or charcoal. But to me, this just seems a bit too confining and too narrow of a definition.

I believe that if you can create something, anything from your own imagination – then that is true art. There are no mistakes, nothing that should hold you back. With art, your only limitation….is your imagination.
For example, here are some of my favorite artists from the worlds of music and fiction:
Music: Chris Botti (Jazz) & Two Steps from Hell (Instrumental)
I have said this before and I will say it again.
When it comes to music, I enjoy anything that has a great melody or beat to it. Chris Botti is a good example of this. I came across his music on Youtube (of all places lol!), when I heard his rendition of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.” When the video ended, I was hooked. His music can make you smile (Indian Summer), put you into a relaxed mood (Ever Since we Met), even throw a sensual twist into the mix (Steps of Postiano – My Favorite!). He has also teamed up with some of the best in the music game today: Yo-Yo Ma, Steven Tyler, Josh Groban and Sting to name a few.
“Shape of My Heart” from Botti’s Boston Concert:
What comes to mind when you hear the name Two Steps from Hell? Most would think a heavy metal band right?
Two Steps from Hell is a production music duo from England and Norway who have created some amazing trailer and movie music. Writers also lean heavily on their music for inspiration to create that ‘perfect scene’. (AN: I have a ton of their music personally. It helped me to write scenes for my two books, Twist of Fate and Crimson Moon.) If you are looking for any sort of musical inspiration, take a look at their work.
“Infinite Legends” was a piece of music largely used for my intense scenes, take a listen:
Fiction: Kelley Armstrong and Sherrilyn Kenyon 
As a writer myself (I personally do not consider myself an author, at least not yet.) I am drawn in to the Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Paranormal fiction world. I can’t put my finger on one particular reason why I like these genres, I just simply find them all interesting.
Both Kenyon (with her Dark Hunter Series) and Canadian author Armstrong (with her Dime Store Magic and Bitten series) write in such a way that I truly respect. The female characters that they both create are made as equals if not the stronger of the pair. My favorite from both authors would be Kenyon’s “Night Pleasures” (Kyrion/Amanda from her insanely popular Dark Hunter series) and Armstrong’s ‘Bitten” (which is now a popular TV series here in Canada.)
I would recommend these two authors to anyone for a really good read.
Till the next time guys!

A Spring Revamp

I’ve always seen these blog posts online about going minimalistic. For the longest time, I honestly thought I could never pull it off.

Now I realize that was my ‘shadow self’ talking. (It’s what I call the side of myself that I fight with daily to keep my depression at bay.)

So, this morning I decided to give it a shot…starting with my theme for this blog. I wanted a more slimmed down and minimal look. Plus I was able to pare down both my categories as well as my post tags that I use, so it’s a good start.

Let me know what you guys think?

Till the next time!!

Grilled Greek Lemon Chicken Recipe

Even though I can not cook worth a damn, I love food. If you ask me to choose a particular thing that I would love to learn to cook properly?

Chicken. More specifically BBQ’d, Italian, Mexican, Greek or even simply marinated with some lemon juice. So as I was looking through some yummy recipes for chicken, I came across this recipe for Grilled Greek Lemon Chicken. Interested? Follow the link to grab the recipe:

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Guys!

Not to sound like a downer, but with a husband that has spent most of his career in the Food and Beverage Sector, I haven’t really celebrated Valentine’s Day for a VERY long time. I still like the holiday though…more for the excuse to eat sweets then anything else.:)

I love to bake so when I was searching for recipes, the decision was whether or not to find a baking or a no bake recipe. This recipe made the decision for me.

Follow the link for a no bake yummy recipe aptly named “Cupid’s Cloud”:

Word Inspiration – ‘Family’

I have never done one of these word inspiration posts, so hopefully this won’t be the last.

I’ve never kept it a secret that I had a difficult childhood and became estranged from my immediate family as I got older. Some of them were my choice, some were from outside influences when I was younger and didn’t know any better. But I am getting off topic.

What I have learned about the word ‘family’ is this: Family doesn’t always equate to blood. As I have gotten older, I have met people and the friendships that they have graced me with, grew into becoming as close as family.

Now not many people are in this category, but those that are, I have trusted them with the most important people in my life – my daughters.

As for my own family? I’ve been lucky to have an amazing relationship with my dad, and my younger sister has restarted contact with me and things are great on that front as well.

So if you think you don’t have anyone that you can consider family, then look no further then those people who would go that extra mile to make sure when they didn’t need to; those people that have seen you at your absolute worst and still come around to visit, those same people that simply just value you for being you…. now that’s my definition of FAMILY.

State of the Blog Address

Ok, before anyone asks… this is SO not a political post!

I just needed a catchy title since it’s been a bit since I’ve posted last:)

Now that’s out of the way, I hope everyone has managed to get through that long month of January in one piece. For me, it’s was a bit of a tough one but since it was nothing like the misery that was last year at this time – I will call it a win.

Now we are into the lovely month of February. This month means Super Bowl 50, Grammy’s, Valentine’s Day, my amazing daughter’s birthday (which was yesterday…can’t believe she’s 6!) and the one day that still manages to make people nervous.

Groundhog Day…Which would be today.

Now for those who do not know what the myth behind today is about, here’s a refresher.

Every year on this date, groundhogs come out from winter hibernation and go outside. If they see their shadow, then it signifies six more weeks of winter. But if they don’t (and I really hope they don’t!!), then say hello to some early spring weather. Naturally, those who know me best know that I will always be rooting for that furry little guy (in my case, Shubenacadie Sam.) to not see his shadow. Some years he gets it right and some years he blows it completely. Here’s to hoping this year!

As for me, I’m off to plan for the month and get my kids ready for school. Have a great week guys!

Till the next time…

Whispers of Darkness

Whispers of Darkness

Phase Eight jersey t shirt
60 CAD –

Sisters Point lined leather jacket
165 CAD –

Lucky Brand zipper jeans
175 CAD –

Black military boots
53 CAD –

Rose stud earrings
16 CAD –

Thermal glove
5.02 CAD –